Adventure begins with a first step...

I’ve always wanted to be passionate about something & a good friend told me that finding this was the exciting part .
For my life this has been always an adventure of discovery of not just one path but many.
This friend has since passed away , this person was loved by everyone, creative and had a legacy even if known by a few people. 

Well, I’ve searched and continue searching and the journey has been exciting! It has given me drive, confidence also it has taken away the stress of day to day.

Every adventure begins with a first step – there might be many ways to begin & I hope to help inspire your first step!

…Adventure can be small & found in between days of a destination wedding if you look for them.

each journey requires a first step

…Adventure can be following a trail in Europe and in my case later returning if you didn’t complete it the first time – with lessons learnt lol 

… Adventure doesn’t limit itself to travel but can be a hobby or skill like gardening or cooking – it’s never ending learning and creativity.