The Martel Trail

an adventure awaits

Preparation is Necessary.

They say third times a charm and I finally completed the Martel Trail after 2 previous failed attempts. I failed the past times as I didn’t have the correct footwear, water, backpack and didn’t set off at the right time or have food or bravery. 

The previous times i went with my friends who were new to the outdoors like myself. With adventure i’m often spontaneous and do stuff on a whim but it didn’t work for me on this trail!
my boyfriend is the real deal when it comes to life outdoors & really helped – it was his way of preparing or no way lol & that made this trip a success.
 I will list where i bought our exact equipment at the end if in doubt.



Anticipate the weather

When we went in May we experienced terrential rain and hail stones on most days and the first part of our trail. Poor weather can ruin your experience, fog & water levels being unsafe. Plan extra days to attempt this trail – be ready to work with the forecast


Start early if you want to take in the view and finish!

give yourself enough time it took us 7- 8 hours (including time to dry off our gear, time to relax during the trail, explore and time to snack) We were lucky to catch the last bus (we had not planned it but it made life easier than walking back) .


Have a backpack for water and food (1.5L of water minimum)

there were times where we went off the path and got lost (optional requirement: a man who doesnt panic but stays calm – pheww!) So one thing i was missing was a raincover for my bag but we used a bin bag liner which worked!.


Have the correct shoes – trainners do not work 

if not you will slip you will mess up your ankles and wreck your feet. this is a stony path with different inclines. It is optional to have hiking poles to carry the load on your back and help ease the pressure and add stability. 


Have a torch as this trail has a cave!!!

a phone torch is not going to work well for you.




We parked our rental car at the ‘Chalet De Maline’
we had some refreshments there and this is where we began our trail

Once you finish the trail you can hire a taxi or take a bus to this point. There are sign posts with this information of bus times which varies upon season.

Taxi number: 
(06 68 18 18 13 13)


There are so many beautiful view points during the trail.  Visit a few before returning to the main trail

Do not miss out on these pit stops, follow the signs to:

-La Mescla

-La Passerelle de L'estellier

cross bridges, walk through caves

The light at the end of the tunnel was close to the end of the trail

Headtorch time