Adventure during a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast

Day 1

Travel Considerations:  Landing in Naples & taking a shuttle saves time than relying on public transport but it may be costly if not in a group. It could save you the hassle of trying to reach your hotel and time to explore.
For me time and relaxation is importantant and how i want to start a vacation -also to squeeze in more time for food!

Book your accomodation in advance as the prices will soar in this wedding destination.
During my vacation I stayed in a decent hotel but splashed out 2 nights somewhere glamourous.
Ravello is small and dreamy – I either do it right the first time in the event i don’t return in the near future.

View from the balcony of the hotel La Dolce Vita

Day 2

Explore Ravello – Try the food and gelato – in peak season make the reservations. There are many events which you can research in advance. During our visit we watched an Orchestra play in Villa Rufolo and visited the picturesque Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Exploring Ravello...
Villa Cimbrone

Day 3

Walk to Atrani beach from Ravello , the tourist centre will have a map or follow the signs! when using the foot paths bring water!
This walk was useful for keeping us in shape during the wedding. The food is really good here, i dont skip meals and say yes to all 3 courses! 

Day 4

From Ravello walk to Minori – there is an adventure if you take the footpaths to Torello – see photos below
Enjoy a beer by the beach or a tasty dessert from Sal De Riso. (Salvatore De Riso is one of only 70 Pastry Chef Masters in Italy)

Walking footpaths to the beach from Ravello
We came across ruins of an old chapel
the path got narrow & difficult via Torello but it was worth it..
not everyday you come across one
behind the chapel was this breathtaking view

Day 5

Find the waterfalls walking to the nearby village town called Pontone and seek the  “Valle delle Ferriere” do your research – we did this alone but you may need a guide especially to learn the history of this location & its micro-climate and old mills. We were limited by time so wanted to see how far we could go before our dinner reservations with friends in the evening. We saw a few people taking a dip and joined them

Valle delle Ferriere

Below are other days out were with the Bride & Groom plus guests – this was also enjoyable and added to the fun. Instead of going to Capri we went to find our waterfalls. we were told by the other guests that Capri was overrated. 

– Positano
– Pompeii tour
– Boat Trips around the Amalfi Coast

before a few days in Rome

Where to eat in Ravello?

Take your pick…my favourite places