May weather meant off peak stay and the odd spell of rain, it  included the right dose of sunshine in this wonderful place.
It is a place i’ll never forget!  not your typical experience but worth it – filled with relaxation, adventure & brisk walks/trails, obviously my favourite : merienda (afternoon snacking)  – i will dedicate a separate blog for this!   

I’ll break it down so you can jump to whats relevant if you don’t want to read an essay
(why is it when you search a recipe online, it is listed at the bottom of what seems the authors life story lol) 

Accommodation: Hotel or Campsite? For us the campsite was the winner! Book Advance
We drove to see this place after several recommendations, this was a spontaneous trip we did not know what to expect and accommodation was far few  and seemed expensive to book anything on (so book in advance if afraid spontaneity wont work in your favour!)

Local Hotels B&B
You are not far from the main village (if staying in a hut isnt your thing there are local hotels which are affordable near the same price as the campsite which are not advertised on 

Campsite: Calme et Nature *highly recommended*
On a hunch and with good luck we chose our accommodation and this made part of our stay enjoyable
the accommodation was very affordable – we stayed at the camp site “Calme et Nature”  in a 2 person hut with electricity which was from only £28 for the night!. there is different types of accomodations at the camp site from a cabin, area to pitch a tent. Ensuite options are also available

The place is peaceful & within the camp area there is a fresh bakery in the morning, the sound of nature at your footsteps and as their logo: little donkeys that roam from afar. Breakfast is recommended here it is fresh good quality and the jams were homemade. We ate at a hotel elsewhere in the village where the bottled water cost 6 euros.
 Staying here was a retreat for us it was relaxing and we would opt here over any hotel. The owner is also very friendly and the atmosphere is warm & natural/organic if that makes sense. 

Adventure:  A mixture of rapid rafting and canyoning along all areas of the Verdon – this activity may not be for the faint hearted – i only have photo of the calmest side (with obvious reason lol) . You get to feel nature and even swallow it if unlucky.  In a team and with a guide you sail against the rapids of the river.
The guide is very experienced and you have a life vest. The canyoning was optional and a moment to face my fears and swallow a bit of water – nevertheless fun and with a life jacket vest for flotation.

Would i do it again? – i think you need to experience it at a place then change the scene lol. We drove to the venue you must have rubbershoes (trainers/sneakers) as wet shoes were not permitted. A Swim suit is necessary they will provide you the wetsuit.

Aboard Rafting :

Explore Castellane
In this village there is a trail which leads you to the Chapel Notre Dame du Roc and epic views,
you see the stations of the cross and inside the church there are photos of the crowds of nuns that walked this path.
 At the top we met a cute furry friend. 

Walk around the small village,
Grab a coffee and people watch around the fountain (Cote Fontaine)  or eat to your hearts content, try the cheeses , find out what a real salad is!

Feeling peckish? 
i could feel peckish all the time being here and revisit the same restaurant & bakeries.

See my Castellane Food blog entry!