Camping in Aiguine

After basking in the sun of the Lac De St Croix and our stay at Moustier Sainte Marie we went to the local market nearby which was abundant in cheese and charcuterie

We drove to Aiguine to set up
camp for the night in a tent with a wonderful view of the sunset.

This would be a day before our attempt to complete the Sentier Martel Trail so we wanted a very relaxed day and Aiguine was the right place.

we came across a local bistrot “Le Rive Gauche”
this place could be easily overlooked due to its  humble surroundings, the large entrees plus generous portions of food give you an idea of traditional french cuisine. When i travel im not looking for the touristy/ instagram eye candy restaurants but something that gives me a true feel of the area. 

Restaurant details:
Le Rive Gauche
Address:Le Village, 83630 Aiguines, France
Phone:+33 4 94 84 23 11

Camp details:
we pitched a tent in Aiguine, the campsite we chose has panoramic views and different types of accommodation choices from eco-cottages , huts/ yurts. The place was extremely clean!

Camping de l’Aigle
Le Quartier Saint-Pierre, 83630 Aiguines, France
Phone:+33 4 94 84 23 75

Travel Tip: the grocery stores were small and not as easy to reach- do your research and find the local village market stalls which are suited to the days of your visit for fresh and local produce.  

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