Adventure Begins: Take a hike!

There are plenty of trails online to find but maybe you don’t want to do it alone?

You can find local communities that will do this for free! Usually there will be a hiking guide who has already preplanned the route and you will be in a group with likeminded people and different fitness levels.

The best thing about these groups is that you can find a route or trail that might be on the off beaten path.

Recently in the UK I joined a group whose initiative was to also help clear the trails of litter & to taste food locally sourced.

The interesting part of this mini adventure was seeing the different panoramas that were not overexposed by tourists.
Not everyone may be your favourite person or cup of tea but an open mind helps you meet the ones that inspire your next steps or get the know how on how to do it.

Next it could be a flight to San Francisco to get to Yosemite or a week in France in the mountains or finding ways to explore places like Patagonia.

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