Living in the city & trying to gain rebalance fast I found the easiest method to relieve stress was by growing plants indoors. Taking the time to take care of something and seeing the rewards of patience and nurture.

When working on self-improvement we might  not see the changes overnight but seeing daily the growth of vegetation puts a better perspective on the process.

With great luck I came to own a plot in an allotment and came to find that the allotment would be my favourite staycation spot. 

You can start small at home even if you dont have a garden. It might be hard to get your own allotment but there is the option of volunteering at allotment where you may have the space to grow your very own wonders.

..lets begin

If you want to do it right – lets start right!
To be prepared go to a gardening store or you can source the seeds/cuttings off fruit and vegetables in store – but be realistic ! I read an avocado tree takes years to grow & they may not even grow fruit.

Growing Chillies!

We started with placing the seeds in a nursery and transferred them into bigger pots at different stages of their growth – it did take a few months before the fruits grew

we grew these by the window and eventually placed them by the terrace when the weather was hotter.
A year later we still get chillies growing by the kitchen window.

..the art of growing

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein
True story, we had a negative experience at our allotment where we had to part ways. I thought it was easy to find an alternative solution : another allotment but it was difficult than what i had thought which may be the same thing you encounter if you are living in the city.
I do not follow many blogs since often i find it hard to relate – i may not have the right tools and often feel overwhelmed or believe that i cannot replicate the task at hand. 

During the covid pandemic on our small terrace we worked with what we got & this is the result of our budget friendly work. 
We started indoors bought pots from B&Q and then later planks of wood which we would build our own mini garden to grow crops.

From Wilko, we bought grow bags (great for growing potatoes),
 We used plastic buckets which we drilled holes in(for washing dishes/clothes)  – this was for growing flowers so that we could get rid of pests that would eat our future crops and to bring the bees to help polinate & bring life to the vegetables we were to grow! 

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